Manufacturer & Exporter of Singing Bowls & Handicrafts
May 13, 2018

Kathmandu, Nepal - Best Himalaya, is one of the largest exporter of singing bowls in Nepal with over 6 years of expertise and experience in handling singing bowls. They went live with their official improvised website on March 22 2018. Previously a wholesale exporter, they will now also be selling individual pieces to interested buyers via their website. With the ideals of fair trade in mind, they’re a profit oriented sustainable social business that supports the growth of people, especially women in the rural areas by training, empowering and employing them to help them improve their living standard and provide them with financial freedom.

Their vision is to defy the general misconception that companies based in Nepal cannot offer the same quality of goods and services as companies based abroad. Their goal is to promote high quality Nepali handicrafts in the international arena. Their user-friendly web site has an informative blog and podcast section for those who want to read or hear more about these handmade items. They have also featured some exclusive pieces that handicraft lovers can now place direct orders for. Information for interested, resellers and wholesale vendors have also been put up on the site.

"Our products are handmade, meaning they carry with them the love, uniqueness and creativity of the artist. So, every handmade item comes with a part of the artisan's soul and sweat. As technology is developing, our traditional forms of art are being compromised upon and it has now become more essential than ever to promote and preserve our valuable art and culture." Says CEO and chairman, Mr. Sudeep Neupane. He is backed by a team of proficient professionals who are each creditable for the excellent functioning of the company.

Last year, the company exported over 50 thousand singing bowls to different countries around the world. They mostly exported to the US, Canada, UK and Germany. The coming year they plan to focus on other European and Asian countries too. The company had a turnover of approximately NRS 30 million in the last fiscal year. They are excepting a trifold increase in sales in the coming fiscal year.

Another unique service provided by Best Himalaya is the customization of every product. One can easily design or add personalized logos and symbols according to ones wishes on items.

Previously, they had been manufacturing and exporting many other local products apart from singing bowls. However, their focus was mostly on high quality singing bowls then. But now, they're also focusing on promoting other handmade items such as Singing bowls, Tingsha Cymbals, Vajras, bells, statues, prayer flags, resin items along with craft works like cotton clothing, hemp products, shawls and pashmina’s. Some of these products such as vajras, bells, prayer flags and others have spiritual and religious significance and are also used for meditation, improved concentration and spiritual healing. Some items such as singing bowls also have medical benefits such as stress reduction, relieve from stress, anxiety anger, etc.

To visit the company's' official website, follow the link below:

Sudeep Neupane
+977 9851039902
Best Himalaya Export