Foundation Donates Appliances to GRACES Home for the Elderly
Nov 21, 2017

Quezon City, Philippines - The International WeLoveU Foundation in cooperation with the Quezon City Public Library and the Community Realations Office donate appliances and supplies to GRACES Home for the Elderly on November 15, 2017 at two in the afternoon. This donation is to remind the elderly at the facility that they are not forgotten by the society and that there are foundations willing to listen and provide for their needs.

President of WeLoveU Foundation Philippine Chapter, Mr. Choi Jeongmaan (aka Pastor James), expresses the sincerity of the foundation to bring happiness and hope to the elderly on the turnover ceremony of the donation. He reminds the residents of GRACES of a mother’s love shared by the foundation to the people of the world, ending his remarks with, “We love you.”

The elderly are given a serenade by Mr. Bae Kyungsub (aka Pastor Jason) of the World Mission Society Church of God. He gives inspiration to the elderly by singing “You Raise Me Up” and “Unchained Melody.” The program also includes an “Amazing Grace” performance by the Church of God quartet and the trademark “WeLoveU Dance” of the foundation.

One of the GRACES residents exclaimed, “They have one of the best performances among our visitors here. We are very moved. We hope they come back again.”

The donation includes two (2) 10Kg washing machines, two (2) 6.5 Kg Dryers, one (1) freezer, two (2) 4.2L rice cookers, two (2) water dispensers, two (2) airpots, five (5) mops, two (2) boxes of coffee, 20 packs of adult diapers, and etc. The items were decided after the visit of Ms. Thea Lynn Cordero and Ms. Arianne Gale David, Project Manager and Coordinator of the foundation, to GRACES Home with Ms. Fe Gomez, the head of the Outreach and Extension Program of the QC Public Library.

The International WeLoveU Foundation, which is known to share the warmth and love of a mother, started in South Korea in 1995 through the effort of its Chairwoman, Zahng Gil-Jah, and has now more than 5,500 branches in 175 countries.


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Thea Cordero, Project Manager

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